For a telematic Assembly of the Movement

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We are approaching an important appointment of the international progressive world: the World Social Forum. With this occasion, I would present a proposal.

I think that the World Social Forums are among the best events happened on our planet in the last times. And I would thank everyone who participated in the previous meetings for their important contributions.

In effect, to meet periodically ourselves personally is certain an excellent thing. However, by considering that we have such an important tool like Internet, I would ask to the organizers of these meetings to organize a global progressive virtual meeting as soon as possible.

In effects we all meet ourselves in Internet daily for a long time. We informe ourselves on everything that we think and we do and we know, but still without to give to our participation, to our lists and forums and blogs, the power of a true assembly. While it is just the moment of the decision to transform a simple exchange of visions in a very important moment.

Our world is in the urgency of a great, wide change and we need therefore to use at the best all our energies, all our time, all our resources. And there is no doubt that to move ourselves physically require many energies and resources, private and collective.

While the economical emperors of the world know well what to do, and they are doing it swiftly and effectively, we still are trying to understand what we should do, what we should carry out. Therefore we should accelerate our evolutive process in every way.

And we should consider another thing too. One hundred thousand persons were at Port Alegre, one other hundred thousand were at the Forum of Bombay, etc. They were events of great success, rich of much humanity. Nevertheless, we should also to think to the environmental costs, to the so-called "ecological footprint", of everyone of these Forums.

Now: if we consider that one of the first steps to change our societies should be to reduce the environmental impact of our activities, the right consequence is to find the way to meet ourselves in a more effective way: on the Internet!

And we should consider too that such a Net Assembly, with full powers of proposition, confrontation and deliberation, would certainly allow the most assiduous, complete presence of the progressive people of the World. And we also could archive every intervention with a cheap cost on the Net too, with the greatest political transparency, available to every people and media in the World!

Please: consider that one thing is to listen one time, to simply listen once, and another thing is to read and to read again, and again and meditate and confrontate our ideas on the WEB through an effective tool!

All that, and other things, would have, in my modest, insignificant thought, the effect to amplify, to extend and to accelerate our action of social renewal.

Please: think that every day the bigs of the world economy meet themselves, and decide the destinies of the world, in hundreds of virtual agorąs. Being able to use the same technology almost to their same level, why we do not should fully use this wonderful tool that is Internet?

Danilo D'Antonio
Eudaemony Laboratory


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