Since the first times of Internet, people around the world had the necessity to solve the problem to synchronize themselves in a date on line. In the years, several proposals have been presented. Someone had an evident commercial aim, nearly exclusively private goals. Others were more genine, expressing the sincere desire to find the better solution. All the proposals however introduced new elements to the existing systems of measurement of the time, adding complexity and therefore difficulty of use.

Nevertheless an extremely simple and functional, logical and correct, way exists, in order to resolve with success the problem to give ourselves a date on line with people in some other place of the Planet. This way seems to us the use, for convention, of the time of that territory in which Internet was born and moved its first steps. Just the meridian of the land in which the first three nodes of the Great Net appeared could just be defined the Internet Meridian.

When a discover, or an invention, happens, who benefits of it cannot express himself in some way with gratitude towards who has accomplished it. And it is equally right that the persons, or at least the place, in the case of a plural participation like has been the birth of Internet, in which such a great step ahead has been accomplished, is celebrated.

What could be better, therefore, than to identify the time, the meridian of Internet, just with the one of the land that has seen it to bloom? We think that it is the best thing. And here we see the California not so much like a state, but mainly as a physical place, a natural environment that the Earth, considered like a planetary being, has choosen for the event of the birth of that can be seen like its cerebral system.

Perhaps could exist something more correct, more just, more logical, and simpler? Practically for our normal digital, telematic global life, is sufficient to place side by side to our local time the hour of the meridian, of the zone time, of the California. For example, with a small javascript, few lines of code placed on the desktop of our computer, we will be able to synchronize ourselves with people in every part of the world.

Internet Time: Local Time:

If you think that this idea is good, and useful, you can use this script with the hour of Internet, may be binding it together with the brief date of The Earth Calendar, which almanac reset to zero the reckoning of the years starting on the year in which happened the first human landing on the Moon and the birth of Internet, in order to visualize both on your computer or web site.

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