The Earth Calendar


The Earth Calendar is a highly innovative tool whose special features give great energy and meaning to daily life, drawing inspiration from the forces, rhythms and moral order of Nature.

Among its innovations are newly coined names for the days of the week and the months of the year. In effect, they are changed so as to have greater emotional and rational power, but it is more than just this. The Earth Calendar places our time in an unusually wide vision of our existence and integrates us deeply with the Whole, the immense Universe, the infinite reality in which we live. At the same time, it reveals the hidden meaning and function that the birth of Internet and the first landing of human beings on the Moon had for Gaia, our Earth seen like a planetary being. Both these events happened, and not by chance, in the same fantastic year: the 1969.

Beyond being an optimal tool to improve ourselves, (every day, for example, The Earth Calendar highlights one of the innumerable values that can enhance and enrich a person's life), it is also an instrument of peace. It promotes a universal culture, that overcomes the specific references that divide civilizations one from the other, and lays special stress on what instead unites them. Besides that, this new calendar re-initiates the reckoning of the years from zero, and so doing a past that has become onerous for all is buried, laying correct bases for a peaceful and prosperous shared life to thrive.

And it is not all. Thanks to the introduction of a subdivision of the time in septennia, and to the consequent pause of the end of septennium, the life of the individual, like that of the society, can benefit of a reinvigorating alternation and a necessary period of reorganization, just as it happens, in small, in the weekend.

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