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This site has a long story, that was born in the last month of the year 27 (old 1996).

After a long holistic study of reality and for a strong exigency felt from the author for a new calendar to be used in his own life, the special work named The Calendar for the Space Era is born. It is named so because it restarts the count of years from the date in which mankind had sent two of its representatives on the Moon. This calendar celebrates the Equinoxes, the Solstices and the Mid-Season dates, and naturally the day 20 of the seventh month of the year for its being the anniversary of the first Earth-Moon contact. Besides this, it links the Soul Powers to the days of the week. Names of days and of months remain however unchanged. The Calendar for the Space Age is published on the WEB, in a first summary edition, giving birth to this site.

Last months of the year 28 (1997)

We make other changes to the traditional calendar. The names of days and of months are changed in fact, and in this way the same identity of our work changes. It becomes the Earth Calendar for the Space Era and its web site begins to be illustrated with the wonderful images made by artists all over the world. Equally, this Earth Calendar begins to be known everywhere.

At half year 29 (1998)

The Perihelions and Aphelions are added among the dates to be celebrated. By approaching the thirty anniversary of the first steps on the Moon, we print the first edition, in English language, of the almanac of what meanwhile is at last become The Earth Calendar. We send it as an homage to persons that in various places of the world are working for the advancement of human society. On the WEB the publishings of the almanac are offered in .gif format, to let our visitors to print one copy for themselves.

At half year 30 (1999)

During a campaign of social sensitization for an auspicable development (no more only sustainable), the owner of the Eudaemony Laboratory and author of The Earth Calendar has the idea about an organization of time on an annual base on the same scheme of the week. In this way the Septennia are born and are reported after few time on our WEB site.

At the begin of the year 31 (2000)

Another significative novelty is added to The Earth Calendar. The birth of the Internet, happened in the same year of the first steps on the Moon, is considered the other essential reference point to determine the year zero of the new era. The significative addition is then reported on the WEB site of this Calendar and in the new digital editions in .pdf format of its almanac.

At the begin of the year 32 (2001)

We print a first edition in Italian language of the almanac, and we send it as a greeting and little homage for their engagement to progressive national friends. The Celebration of Our Land becomes the spring mid-season event.

In the sixth month of the year 33 (2002)

We send to printing the first Italian edition of the book Il Calendario della Terra, together with the new Italian edition of the almanac.

At the begin of the year 35 (2004)

We print a first limited edition in English language of the book The Earth Calendar, together with a renewed edition of the almanac.

Publishings continue happily, regularly ... for few friends.
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